is an American Artist selling out of Chicago, IL. 


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL.

        bachelor of fine arts

        2009 – 2013


Music Industry Workshop. Chicago, IL.

        music marketing and business




Sabina’s Art Studio. Skokie, IL. 

        art instructor



AK Lifestyle. Chicago, IL.

        intern / project manager 

        2010 – 2013


Peeled Smoothie. Evanston & Chicago, IL.

Papanino's. Chicago, IL.

        mural painter



Gala Gallery. Chicago, IL.

        artist assistant 



Brave New Art World. Chicago, IL.

        chief community liaison & head of marketing



Jas G Petersen. Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL. 

        artist / painter / curator 

        2013 - current



Art Bash. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

        may 2009


The 13th Hazard. RGB Lounge. Chicago, IL

        may 2011


Gold Coast Exhibitions / NorthCoast Afters. Chicago, IL.

        september 2012


The Soul Patch. Canvas. Chicago, IL.

        febuary 2013


BFA Exhibition. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

        may 2013


Hauser Gallery. Chicago, IL.

        june 2013


Pool House. Lacuna Lofts. Chicago, IL.

        august 2013


Private Lofts with Special Guest: Cherub/ NorthCoast Afters. Chicago, IL.

        september 2013


Dafte Haus. NoSandbox. Chicago, IL.

        october 2013


Magik St. Market. Lacuna Lofts. Chicago, IL.

        october 2013


A Night Inspired By The Music Of King Louie. Lacuna Lofts. Chicago, IL

        febuary 2014


Cherub & ProbCause Secret After Party. Lacuna Lofts. Chicago, IL.

       march 2014


Hermann & Audrey's Weekend Affair. Lacuna Lofts. Chicago, IL. 

       may 2014


Exploited. Soul Impressions Inc. Chicago, IL.

       may 2014